We believe that there is only one earth we live in, so we need to take care of it, now and for future generations. ICCM is working to ensure people are sensitised and excited to understand the environment and its importance with the aim to create a waste free Malawi.


This will be done by increasing education and understanding about different resources while being conscious about our health and the environment. With clean places, land, forest, beaches and rivers: people will naturally think before they throw waste into the tidy space and know it is not good to dispose of waste inappropriately.


Recycling collections

There are multiple options available, please contact us to learn more about it or click here.



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Check out what we can do reusing your waste !!



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ICCM promote the buying and selling of waste to create a circular economy where waste is of value. This naturally encourages our society to clean the environment.


ICCM have a recycling shop at Lilongwe Wildlife Centre to market and sell items crafted using recyclable materials by local communities.