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About us

ICCM is Creating Opportunity, Protecting People and the Environment, by Reducing Waste


ICCM are a Malawi registered social enterprise dedicated to effective education, practical waste reduction and the ethical recycling or reuse of valuable resource. We champion and support commercial enterprise on any scale which tackles poverty, by creating opportunity to do the right thing for our environment.  


Our Vision

ICCM have a clear vision, being; to create and maintain a less polluted healthy environment with sustainable ecosystems. Creating commercial opportunity to reuse or recycle waste, protecting people and our environment is key in our activities.  

We embrace science and technology to transform waste initiatives that will improve the universal climate change crisis.

ICCM understand that reducing and recycling waste will positively impact the lives of people, the environment and the economy

We promote and deliver environmentally friendly focused closed loop waste management education. This is key to encouraging positive behavioural change, resulting in sustainable waste management solutions.

ICCM believe partnerships and collaboration can create efficient structures to reduce waste management costs and diversion from landfill.


Our funding

We currently rely on donations and funding, from international NGOs that want to impact local communities about waste but are determined to achieve a self-funding status at the earliest opportunity. Our volunteers, employees, directors and consultants all understand the challenges that we face and are committed to making a positive difference.

We derive an income from: 


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