About us


International Conservation and Clean up Management (ICCM) wants to contribute in a worldwide scheme that aims at reducing, reusing and recycling wastes to create healthy and clean environments that will give social and economic improvements to livelihoods at community and national level.

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Holistic Waste Management and Innovation: we manage waste by collecting, sorting, reusing and creating innovations that contribute to the health and economic well-being of people

Capacity building: we train individuals, communities, organizations, etc in holistic natural resource management which includes natural and waste resource mapping, waste innovation and construction, soil and water management, crop diversification, etc.

Environmental Education: we raise awareness and educate people to promote behaviour change around sustainable environmental management at household, community and city level

our mission


Our team includes experienced individuals who will work to transform the current environmental waste management practices in Malawi. With skills and an environmental passion our team would like to share knowledge about the natural resources in Malawi (including waste) and empower people for a change in mind set.



Our innovative strategies and use of existing structures will benefit Malawi as waste management is tackled through collaboration and mobilization of various interested partners.

We promote a wide range of sustainable solutions with an aim to have our core staff financed through ICCM activities in 5 years time

We collect recyclables from offices, small businesses and households around Lilongwe

We work at events separating waste and raising awareness and supporting business creations.

We design and build affordable waste sorting structures and promote the need to clean up the waste and recycle.

We engage individuals, communities and institutions actively and effectively engaged in good practices that improve the waste management throughout Malawi.

We promote corporate social responsibility for companies to align to their environmental obligations.

We build knowledge using creativity to ensure people are sensitized and excited to generate a litter free Malawi