Our Team



Executive Director

Nyomi Rowsell


Nyomi Rowsell has a Master’s Degree in International Architectural Regeneration and Design and as a passionate creative designer and environmentalist she ended up in Malawi. As the architect of Sam’s Village with African Vision Malawi, she learnt about natural solutions including; construction, agriculture and energy. Every project was community based and she got to understand the Malawian rural culture. Realizing the lack of natural resources and abundance of waste from Lilongwe her commitment focus turned towards waste management and using innovative solutions to construction and other sectors.

Technical Project Advisor

Eston Mgala


Eston Mgala is Malawian Permaculture specialist with more than 9 years’ experience in Sustainable Community Development. He has developed his career through hands on experience in various fields including Environmental Natural Resource Management and Community Development. As the co –founder and former staff of Kusamala Institute of Agriculture and Ecology he has developed his path in permaculture. For the past 15 years he has been working on Environment and Natural Resource Management, Food and Nutrition, Security through Sustainable Agriculture, Climate Smart Agriculture, Climate Resilience, Agro Ecology, Forestry and Agroforestry, Water and Soil Management, Community Livelihoods Programs, Project Technical Advising and Trainings.

Environmental Analyst

Deus Kumcheza

Deus studied Irrigation Technology at Diploma level (LUANAR 2017), holds a certificate in financial accounting (PAEC 2014) and also has skills in Graphic Design. He set up his own stationary business, KAZITHA Enterprise in Lilongwe before gaining an interest in recycling and joining ICCM.


Environmental Education Manager

Felicia Monjeza

Felicia studied Arts in Theology and Religious Studies at Mzuzu University. After several trainings in youth and womens’ leadership programs with Malawi Government and City Council she found her passion. Her commitment to  help women in poverty reduction by increasing knowledge and education became apparent through her work and personal research working with Catholic women Organisation in Lilongwe Archdiocese.


Communications Manager

Nicola Chidyaonga

Nicola graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design in 2017. She has worked for a furniture dealership and has placed in many design competitions. Nicola enjoys space planning and improving society through design by creating more functional solutions that not only enhance the quality and culture of occupants, but also encourage the principle of environmental sustainability.