Our Projects

ICCM’s mission is to have a have a community that is aware, educated and engaged in issues surrounding waste management to promote behaviour change and closed loop waste management practice.

In Malawi, there is a lack of awareness surrounding recycling and the importance of responsible waste management, as well as a lack of access to waste management structures. This means that most people, regardless of location or socio-economic status, do not practise responsible waste management. 

ICCM is developing waste management hubs throughout Lilongwe, to provide convenient and affordable ways for communities to recycle their waste.    Our hubs are designed to address the specific waste management needs and challenges of each community. We are developing spaces where communities can come and learn about the importance of waste management, and how you can generate income through waste innovation. 

Recycling Points

Lilongwe Wildlife Centre

ICCM design and construct recycling points out of recycled waste as an education tool for the public. We train communities about the process of waste collection, sorting and reuse. This introduces communities to seeing waste as a resource and therefore provides incentives and encourages people to manage the point.

All DMR (Dry Mixed Recyclable) waste is collected, sorted and weighed at Area 13 Lilongwe Waste Transfer Station where the waste is sold to income generation community led projects.

ICCM Recycling Shop at Lilongwe Wildlife Centre

Income generation from eco waste products gives communities incentives to recycle waste. The promotion of this circular economy is key.

Rosevine Cafe & Restaurant

ICCM are currently building a recycling point at Rosevine Cafe & Restaurant in Area 3, Lilongwe. ICCM and Rosevine decided to hold a Recycling Market Event to raise money for the recycling point. This will be an education hub dedicated to sharing knowledge and information about valuable agri waste solutions and eco waste products.

Watch this space to learn more…

Community Recycling Projects

Kachere Village Waste Management Project:

Funded by The European Union.

This year, ICCM partnered with Lake of Stars to make it the cleanest festival yet! We wanted to ensure that our Lake of Stars waste management programs had lasting impact within the local community. 

In the lead up to the festival, ICCM conducted a five day community waste management training program. We worked alongside a local community group, working with Ripple Africa, who had already been collecting plastics in their market place.  

We built the capacity of the group to become community ambassadors and encourage the community to practise responsible waste management.  The trainings covered topics such as ‘why is waste management important?’ and ‘don’t waste your waste,’ a module that taught the group how to make waste innovations they could sell to generate income. 

With the help of the community group, and Mr Boda, a teacher from the Primary School, who was passionate about waste management, the ICCM built a recycling point out of recycled materials.  This allows the community to separate their waste so that it can be recycled effectively and made into waste innovations.

The week ended in a big community beach cleanup, to sensitize the community about waste management and introduce them to their new community waste ambassadors! 

Chinsapo Waste Management Project:

Funded by Souter Fund UK

ICCM has partnered with WasteAid UK to create a Waste Management Project in Chinsapo, a fast growing peri urban area of Lilongwe.   The project aims to empower a local community waste management group to create a sustainable waste management system. The group receive training in waste management, as well as waste innovation, to provide them with the skills and resources to pro-actively solve the waste problems in the community, whilst earning an income.

Through teaching the community how to make products out of waste, we aim to encourage mind-set and behaviour change, so that waste is seen as a resource, not just something to be discarded on the ground.

Project Objectives:

  • Make a recycling point for waste collection.
  • Run a meeting to sensitise the community on waste management.
  • Train members of the community in waste collection.
  • Train 20 women how to run business turning waste into products for sale.

Mtandire Waste management and Innovation Hub:

Funded by Irish Aid

Mtandire is a peri urban, unplanned settlement in Lilongwe, with a fast growing population and no organised waste management system. The ICCM Waste Management and Innovation Hub in Mtandire, aims to develop viable community waste systems, to reduce the effects of waste management upon human health and the environment. 

ICCM will train 20 ‘waste ambassadors’ to manage the hub.  This is an exciting pilot project, in which ICCM will test their bike pulled waste carts as a means for waste collection in informal settlements.  The waste will be sorted and stored in a recycling point made from recycled materials. ICCM will build the capacity of our waste ambassadors through waste management, business marketing and waste innovation training. This provides them with the skills and resources to tackle the waste management problems in their community and make products that turn their waste to wealth!

Project Objectives:

1. To increase the knowledge and attitudes of project beneficiaries towards waste management.

2. To empower project beneficiaries with skills development to generate income through selling waste innovations.

3. To build a sustainable community space to recycle, test and develop waste innovations.

As a result young men and women understand the environmental and health issues caused by poor waste management and see waste as a resource, young women generate income through selling waste innovations (products made out of recycling), and a community space exists for a recycling point and system and to test and develop waste innovations.